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CQC Compliance is now part of the WorkNest group, the UK’s leading providers of outsourced Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety services.

We are proud to be part of this innovative group, where well-established and new businesses have come together to create a new force. The power of these partnerships allows our clients to access industry-leading specialist support from our 400+ colleagues across WorkNest.
WorkNest is a market leader in a wide variety of industries including Employment Law, Human Resources, Health & Safety and Regulatory Compliance services.
What Are WorkNest’s Aims?

WorkNest aims to create great, safe places to work by helping business owners to ensure regulatory compliance, proactively solve problems and achieve commercial objectives.

All of these objectives are underpinned by innovative digital solutions and through responsive, pragmatic Employment Law, HR and Health and Safety support.

WorkNest are known for their bespoke services and high-quality support that they offer to each and every client and are trusted by over 40,000 organisations – CQC Compliance included.

How Does the Relationship Work with CQC Compliance?

While our expertise will always be healthcare compliance, we are proud to be a part of WorkNest and will aim to foster a strong, long-lasting relationship with the whole group, lending our expertise and skills to clients who benefit from collaborative environments. This means that going forwards, CQC Compliance are able to tap into a catalogue of expert companies and individuals from related sectors that will in turn, help our clients more than ever. This can be anything from finding solutions to your HR and employment needs, to obtaining the right health and safety contracts for your organisation – whatever it is, the WorkNest group will support you.

For our clients, are relationship and service will remain the same. We will never compromise on the quality and efficiency of the services we provide, from our registration support right through to our ongoing compliance support.

Find out more about WorkNest here.

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