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Why Are Bespoke CQC Policies and Procedures Important?

By Natasha Heasman, Policies Manager

Policies and procedures for your health and social care business are essential to ensure you are compliant with the CQC’s regulations. They are an integral part of setting up your business and the CQC registration process, as the commission requires that your documentation is fully compliant with current legislation before allowing you to commence regulated activity.

As the Policies Manager at CQC Compliance, I strongly believe that every health and social care provider should have their very own, bespoke policies and procedures, as opposed to generic templated ones.

Here, I will explain why bespoke policies are beneficial to your organisation and why they are important to the CQC too.

Why Should Your Policies and Procedures Be Specific to Your Service?

Creating policies is time consuming and you need detailed knowledge and expertise in many areas, not only clinical knowledge, but topics ranging from Information Governance through to recruitment.

When outsourcing the creation of your policies and procedures to a third-party organisation, such as CQC Compliance, you are ensuring that someone else is committed to the responsibility of producing policies that are bespoke and fully functional for your business.

Furthermore, you will be fully immersed in the experience of the creation of your policies, without having to spend hours and hours creating them yourself. This means that whilst you will be prepared for any questions in relation to your policies from the CQC, you won’t have to spend weeks of your valuable time researching and putting them together in-house.

Why Are Bespoke Policies and Procedures Important to the CQC?

From the CQC’s perspective, bespoke policies and procedures ensure that as a provider, you are able to protect your staff and service users to the best of your ability and drive service improvements, whilst meeting the legal requirements of the Health & Social Care Act.

The commission want to see that that your policies and procedures are in line with current best practice and thus, demonstrating characteristics for a good or outstanding rating in healthcare and adult social care.

Why Choose CQC Compliance for Your Policies and Procedures?

In working collaboratively with a CQC Compliance Policy Practitioner to help inform your bespoke policies, you are familiarising yourself with the content and procedures and therefore can better cascade this to your team and embed the processes into the day to day running of your service.

It also places you in a better position going into Registered Manager interviews and inspections, when you will be questioned on your policies. Any inconsistencies between what is written in your policies and what is done in practise will be noted by the CQC. The CQC expect your policies to truly reflect the service you are running.

Our bespoke policies are based on current best practise and ensure you meet the CQC requirements.

To find out more about our services and how we can create a full suite of bespoke policies and procedures for your organisation, contact the team today.