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At CQC Compliance, we are exceptionally proud of our industry-leading service and we are always delighted to share the stories of those we’ve supported. Each day we strive to improve our offering to clients and take every piece of feedback on board. Our 100% success in registering our clients with the CQC is only achieved through the dedication of our team and our drive to always enhance our service. The providers we work with come from across the healthcare sector, including private GPs, domiciliary care providers, care homes, radiologists, telemedicine, ophthalmologists, dentists, private clinics, plastic surgeries, cardiologists and many more – and no matter what healthcare service our clients provide, we are always on hand to support them with our CQC and compliance expertise.

Please read below some of our recent success stories. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help your business.

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Emma Lea – Minster Home Care

April 2021

Dr. Shama Firdous – Dr. Shama Health Clinics

March 2021

Sandeep Gakhal – KASE Care

July 2020


“Carers2U is a brand-new venture and we had no idea about the mountain there is to climb with CQC registration. We approached CQC Compliance last year and the onboarding process was extremely efficient and there was clear communication from all relevant members of the team throughout. Louise Morris and Tanya Moffett, have been fantastic and we could not have asked for better people to work with. They are consummate professionals and when we had a query, they were quick to communicate with us and rectify any issues we had. We also used CQC Compliance for our Registered Manager support, where they provided us with assistance about the process and made us feel extremely confident when it came to the real CQC interviews. Carers2U would not be in the position we are today without CQC Compliance and the team – I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional and dedicated registration process.”

Harjinder Lad – Carers2U

May 2021


“Along with the guidance of our Nominated Individual Dr Annelize Meyer, we began the challenging practice of registering with the CQC. The whole process was new for us and as a new Registered Manager, it has been a hell of a learning curve. Jayne, Imogen and Louise at CQC Compliance have been there for me throughout. They are complete superstars and never too busy to answer silly questions or reassure me and even go the extra mile to check my risk assessments. They are wonderful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. CQC Compliance as a whole has given us support and they continue to deliver their support to us beyond registration. It was a big decision going with a company to help but I am so grateful, and it has been worth every effort.”

Olivia Robertson – Meyer Clinic

May 2021


“CQC Compliance Ltd has been a saving grace for us as a new provider. We started Minster Home Care back in 2020 and finding the policies and documentation to register with the CQC was extremely daunting. We were impressed with the level of support we had with the team at CQC Compliance Ltd, as any time we had a query, they were happy to respond, exerting their specialist knowledge to help us throughout the process. When we found out that our CQC registration had been successful, we knew it would not have been possible without the support and guidance from the team at CQC Compliance Ltd. We also needed assistance finding a Registered Manager and the interview process that went with it. Thanks to the team who have extensive experience finding and liaising with potential candidates, we have found a Registered Manager who is a perfect fit for Minster Home Care. Thanks to them, we are now recruiting and training a whole team of staff, as well as formulating a place for the future and how Minster Home Care will expand within the coming years.”

Derek Ward – Minster Home Care

April 2021


“We approached CQC Compliance Ltd when they had just started out as a new company. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and genuine interest to help new providers successfully register with the CQC. We have had the pleasure of working with Tanya Moffett, the Director of Nursing and Inspections, who has provided continuity for each of our managers throughout the process. She has given us a safety net of having two mock inspections a year, which means we are fully prepared and confident when the real CQC inspections come round. After our mock inspections, Tanya provides us with a feedback report which has been a saving grace for our provider. It offers constructive criticism and guidance to ensure that any pitfalls are ironed out within our service. These action plans are clear and effective and exactly what we need for the real inspections. The on-going relationship that All Care has built with CQC Compliance will remain in place for several years and we are excited to see what our provider can achieve thanks to their valuable support.”

Matt Hibberd – All Care

March 2021

Stadium-Clinic-120x120 (1)

“At first, the CQC process seemed like an insurmountable mountain ahead of us, but after CQC Compliance prepared and supported us in the registration process, as well as kitting us out with a full suite of bespoke policies and procedure – that onerous task became an enjoyable learning exercise. We’ve enjoyed working with them at every step of the journey and thanks to them, we’re now successfully registered with the CQC. The Stadium Clinic has an exciting future ahead and we look forward to building on our relationship with CQC Compliance.”

Dr. Damian Clark – The Stadium Clinic

February 2021


“As a new provider, we needed help to navigate the CQC registration process and make sense of the amount of work that needed to be done. We contacted CQC Compliance Ltd and they could not have been more helpful. The team are made up of specialists and former CQC inspectors, so we were confident we were in the right hands. They regularly contacted us to ensure we were on the right tracks and responded promptly to any queries. Tanya Moffett, the Nursing and Inspections Director, had the expertise to meet the requirements for our provider. She guided us through the registration process and laid out which documents we had to send to the CQC for approval. She has a keen eye for detail and ensured that we were fully confident in what we had submitted to the CQC. Tanya also helped our team to prepare for the Registered Manager interview. She provided us with tips and mock interview questions so that we knew what to expect. I am proud to say that we are now successfully registered with the CQC as a new provider and it is all down to the hard work and commitment of CQC Compliance Ltd.”

Elizabeth Gaudin – The Carerooms

January 2021


“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of CQC Compliance. As soon as you pick up the phone to the CQC Compliance team, their enthusiasm and expertise in the field is clear to see. We worked predominantly with Jayne Downey, the Primary and Acute Care Lead, who continually offered us expert advice and guidance.  She promptly responded to any queries we had and resolved any obstacles we encountered throughout the CQC registration process. They also produced immaculate bespoke policies and procedures for our service, getting to know us as a company and tailoring each policy to our service, which was a vital aspect of our registration process. Thanks to CQC Compliance, we can proudly say that we have successfully registered with the CQC and look forward to building a lasting relationship with them.”

Cora Jay Maddock – Medical Hair Restoration Clinic

December 2020


“CQC Compliance have been a saving grace on our journey to becoming registered with the Care Quality Commission. We found it difficult to navigate the CQC registration process at first, but the CQC Compliance team have supported us throughout with their expert advice, dedication, and unparalleled knowledge of the registration process. Their expertise and professionalism are clear from the moment you speak with them, and we knew right away they’d be the perfect fit for our organisation. The bespoke policies and procedures they produced for Headway Homes are impeccable and are tailored to the exact needs of our organisation. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with CQC Compliance in the future.”

Henry Cobbina – Headway Support Homes

November 2020


“We initially approached CQC Compliance to help us with our registration and we were very impressed with the team’s exceptional knowledge and dedication. They’re made up of clinical experts and it is extremely apparent that their industry knowledge is second-to-none. Along with help on our registration, we were also provided with a full suite of bespoke policies and help to prepare for our Registered Manager’s interview, both crucial for our successful registration. They dealt with any queries we had with the utmost professionalism and we always felt like we could ask whatever question we wanted. We want to say a big thank you to the team at CQC Compliance, as they gave us the confidence and expertise to successful register our company with the CQC.”

Dr. Raghu Ramaiah – Aiconic Clinics

October 2020


“As soon as we approached CQC Compliance for advice and guidance in our registration with the Care Quality Commission, the team immediately made us feel supported in the process. Their knowledge, understanding and commitment have been an incredible asset in our journey. In addition, the bespoke policies and procedures they have produced for us have been exceptional and illustrate their incredible attention to detail. Within weeks of our initial conversation with CQC Compliance, we had submitted our application and I’m really pleased to say that we’ve now had our registration application accepted by the Care Quality Commission. We simply couldn’t have arrived at this point without CQC Compliance and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Rachel McGowan – Countrywide Supplies

September 2020


“We’ve been searching around for a firm that listens and produces bespoke solutions to negotiate the CQC minefield. CQC Compliance are the only service we’ve found that provides such a dedicated service. Having spoken and dealt primarily with Imogen, CQC Compliance’s Clinical Policy Manager, we’ve been really impressed by her professionalism and understanding. We are excited to continue building on our relationship with her and the rest of the team. We look forward to working with CQC Compliance now and in the future.”

Hardwick Medical

August 2020


“We initially spoke with CQC Compliance earlier this year to help us register a new company with CQC. They were very flexible to the various changes that, as a company, we needed to make. Although the scope of the project changed along the way, the CQC Compliance team were very happy to change with us. The remit of our company is a little unusual in terms of CQC, but they were able to use their expertise to help us regardless. They have provided us with high quality advice, in a timely and professional way. As our company grows, we intend to carry on working with CQC Compliance to guide us though the complex processes that the CQC often require.”

Dr. Jaymin Patel – Hexarad

August 2020


“Our experience with CQC Compliance has been excellent. Anne and the rest of the team were very knowledgeable, understanding and proactive. We didn’t really know where to start with our registration process, so we contacted CQC Compliance to support us through it. As soon as we started working with Anne and Tracy, everything started to become much clearer. They clearly outlined which of our policies were transferable for CQC Registration, while also identifying the areas we needed to address. Our aim when we decided to work with CQC Compliance was to have our registration completed by May 2020 and I’m very pleased to say that we were able to fulfil this objective. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance of the team at CQC Compliance.”

Cathy – MAC PLC

May 2020

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