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Policies and procedures are essential in being a CQC compliant care provider.

If you are looking to be a new provider of regulated activity, you will not be able to register with the CQC without having your organisation’s policies and procedures in place.

It is really important that these develop as part of your set up and registration process as the CQC require that your documentation is fully up to date with current regulations.

What Are Policies and Procedures?

Without policies and procedures which comply with legislation, reflect best practice and adhere to the latest regulations, you will not be able to undertake any activities regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Policies and Procedures set out the day-to-day guidelines for businesses and ensure that patients and staff are kept safe and mistakes are reduced.

Whichever health or social care service you provide, you’ll need to ensure your policies and procedures are well written and compliant.

What Are the Challenges?

The challenge of creating your own bespoke policies and procedures are that it is extremely time-consuming and at times, daunting. It requires you to be extremely knowledgeable in a number of areas and can provide a lot of issues for many new providers.

Once they’ve been created, they require regular maintenance to ensure ongoing compliance. You need to be on top of changes to regulatory legislation, Department of Health and CQC guidance. This can be extremely daunting for any provider, who would rather use their time to maintain a high standard of care – but we’re here to help.

How Can We Help?

As healthcare compliance experts, we can provide a comprehensive set of policies and procedures bespoke for your provider.

Our extensive suite of bespoke policies and procedures are written, and are maintained, by sector specialists, each with many years of experience in various regulated environments. These documents are tailored to your organisation, with our team of expert policy writers working closely with you throughout this process.

With our extensive knowledge across the healthcare sector, we ensure our policies, procedures and template documents are compliant with the CQC Regulatory Framework. Our team will notify you with any changes to legislation that is relevant to your provider, as the CQC requires your documentation to be fully up to date with current regulations. In addition, we make sure that they are easy to understand and enable you to deliver your services in the most efficient way possible.

No matter what healthcare service you provide, we have policies and procedures to cover every sector, including:

  • Care and Nursing Homes
  • GPs
  • Domiciliary and Home Care
  • Patient Transport Services
  • Private Clinics
What Can You Can Expect from Our Policies and Procedures?

You can expect to receive a fully bespoke suite of policies and procedures, that will help you gain CQC compliance and become a successful, safe and compliant care provider.

They are:
  • Fully customisable and editable
  • They minimise any risk through repetitive and consistent practice
  • They enable all staff with any level of experience to understand any given aspects of care
  • Forms the Plan of the Plan-Do-Check-Act quality assurance cycle
  • Acts as a training aid for your staff
  • Audit observed outcomes and allows the specification of any changes required to reach required outcomes

We want to work with you to ensure you receive a personalised service that suits your needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss our suite of services and how we can support your organisation.

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We have an expert team who specialise in all areas of compliance. We want to work with you to ensure you receive a personalised service that suits your needs.

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