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Mock CQC Inspection

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Are you ready for your CQC inspection? Do you know what to do to improve your service?

If you’re striving for excellence, the best way to prepare for a CQC inspection is to organise a mock inspection with our team. Our inspections team is made up of former CQC inspectors who understand the full inspections process and can support you to identify any issues before the CQC do, ensuring you are delivering a high-quality service that is well-led.

We can conduct mock CQC inspections for any service which falls under the regulatory framework of the CQC, across both Adult Social Care and Primary and Medical Services. We will work with you to tailor the inspection to your area of service provision and individual requirements.

Your mock inspection will be conducted by a member of our highly experienced specialist inspections team. The entire process will closely mirror the process of an actual CQC inspection, so you will be fully equipped with the right knowledge and skills for when the time comes.

Our offering includes either ‘Comprehensive’ or ‘Targeted’ inspections, depending on the kind of support you need. We can also provide you with annual, quarterly, or monthly mock CQC inspections and help you to embed practices and improvements which have been identified.

Inspections with the CQC are usually unannounced, so it is best to get prepared with our expert inspections team to ensure you are delivering a high-quality service.

Comprehensive Inspections

Comprehensive inspections are an in-depth and holistic view across your whole service. The inspector will cover all five key questions to consider if your service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Often, the CQC will conduct these types of inspections when they believe there is a risk to the safety or wellbeing of people who use the service, or there has been a deterioration in the quality of service. Conversely, the CQC may conduct a comprehensive inspection when they believe there has been substantial improvement to your service that could improve its overall rating.

Targeted Inspections

Targeted inspections are where our inspections team can assess your service based on specific areas of concern.

If our inspections team conducts this kind of inspection, we will only focus on the key lines of enquiry within the key question of the area that may be an issue. This will enable us to focus on one area that is of particular risk or concern.

Ongoing Compliance Support

Following your inspection, we will work together as part of our long-term support package, helping you to resolve any identified issues and continue to improve your service and quality of care that you offer. We will also strive to help you achieve consistently high and improved ratings, aiming for ‘Outstanding’ where possible.

What Our Inspection Includes


The initial mock inspection allows our inspections team to gain a full understanding of your service and the way it runs. Following the initial inspection, we can benchmark your service to identify areas of further support.

On an onsite visit, we will:

  • Interview staff and people who receive a regulated activity.
  • Complete a full compliance audit covering the five key questions that form the basis of your CQC rating.
  • Identify potential regulation breaches.
  • Identify problematic areas and provide feedback and recommendations.
  • Identify and help to develop areas of outstanding performance.
  • Provide you with up-to-date resources and best practice guidance, to ensure you receive accurate advice relating to your service.

To find out more about our mock CQC inspections and how you can book one for your provider, contact the CQC Compliance inspections team today.

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