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Introducing Joe Staines; Our New CQC Inspector

Joe Staines has joined the CQC Compliance as one of our CQC inspectors.

Joe has over 30 years’ experience in adults and children’s services. Specifically, he has worked in children’s residential care for 20 years where he became a Head of Care for an Ofsted registered multi-site provision including two registered schools.

Joe has worked in compliance and regulation for 10 years, as an inspector working across adult’s and children’s social care with a focus on Ofsted registered services including children’s homes, independent boarding schools and fostering agencies.

Working for CQC, Joe gained experience of inspecting (including enforcement) and registering care homes for older people, supported living schemes and domiciliary care services. For the last 5 years, Joe specialised in Quality Assurance for a local authority, implementing a Quality Assurance Framework and workshop programme for both adults and children’s social care services.

Joe’s Specialisms

Within Quality Assurance, Joe has specialised in developing and presenting workshops and training guides for staff in social care settings; undertaking monitoring visits to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and reporting on the quality of care.

He has experience of being a designated safeguarding officer with responsibility for safeguarding training and policy, and leading safeguarding investigations to ensure all parties are receiving adequate compliance related support and guidance.

Role at CQC Compliance

As part of the CQC Compliance family, Joe will undertake the role of inspector, working alongside Alistair Mitchell in the Inspections team.

The purpose of our mock CQC inspections is to help you prepare for when the real ones come along.

We understand the full CQC inspections process and can support you to identify any issues before the CQC do, help you to put it right and assist you to deliver a high-quality service.

Joe’s Interests

Outside of work, Joe has been going to watch Tottenham Hotspur since 1987 with his brother.

He enjoys living in a rural part of Norfolk with his partner Vicky and their two dogs, Beans & Bubbles.

To relax, Joe likes a bit of birdwatching, TV, eating good food and a bit of amateur wildlife photography.