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How to make your care home compliant with CQC standards

In a care environment, it is so important that everything is done to meet and exceed the standards set by the Care Quality Commission. Owners and managers strive to get results which highlight their quality service. Care staff training helps employees deliver care from both their new knowledge and their ‘caring’ attitude. These actions need to be monitored and recorded, something which takes up valuable time.

CQC standards tell you how to become CQC compliant but, with everyone so busy in delivering care, just how do you find the time to also be doing regular checks and assessments?

Forget ‘multi-functioning’

Multi-functioning means doing several tasks at the same time, jumping from one to the other and wasting no time in between. While this term seems to imply efficiency, the fact is that a lot of time is wasted in this method of work. When we leave a ‘not fully completed’ task to come back to it later, our brain has to do a ‘now, where was I?’ calculation, before being able to pick up from where we left off.

Invest in CQC consultants or specialised staff

CQC consultants could be the way forward, as their intended purpose is to make sure that you are meeting the required standards. However, with a budget to handle, this extra cost may not fit in easily. Also, while doing a mock CQC inspection, time is taken from staff that will need to support the ‘outsiders’ who are trying to find their way around your care home.

If you’re concerned about budget and staff hours, a responsible member of staff could concentrate on CQC compliance, still spending some of their time in their day-to-day role but being given hours dedicated to performing the necessary checks (e.g. one shift per week). That person knows the system, knows where CQC compliance is being met and will spot where care staff training is needed.

An employee dedicated to CQC compliance, or CQC consultants carrying out a mock CQC visit, will achieve the same thing. Maybe your budget makes the choice for you?