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Enforcement Action Support

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At CQC Compliance Ltd we offer full support with any enforcement action, such as warning notices, restrictions being placed on services you provide, being placed in special measures or receiving notice of prosecution.

Our team of compliance experts will carry out a full assessment of your current situation and work with you to improve your compliance. In addition, we will guide you through the legal process and work with you to prevent any further enforcement action. We understand that every service provider and situation is different, therefore we will ensure that we tailor a bespoke plan to your exact compliance needs.

When the CQC issues an enforcement action against a service provider, proactivity is vital in responding to the situation. Our team will provide you with a responsive service, providing clarity and support on resolving any issues as efficiently as possible.  Please be aware that we collaborate with a team of solicitors in the event you receive a notice of prosecution. We will act as an intermediary on your behalf through the process, however – we do not submit any legal representations on behalf of the provider.

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