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If the CQC are taking an enforcement action against your service, don’t panic – we can offer advice and guidance.

At CQC Compliance, we offer support with Enforcement Action, such as warning notices, restrictions being placed on services you provide, being placed in special measures or receiving Notices of Proposal (NOPs).
Why Do the CQC Issue Enforcement Notices?

As the independent regulator for health and care services in England, the CQC have a range of enforcement powers they can use. These are to ensure people using health and adult social care services are receiving safe care of the right quality.

The CQC may issue enforcement actions where they have identified poor care, or where registered providers and managers do not meet the standards that have been set out in their regulations.

The two main reasons for issuing these notices are to protect people who use regulated activities from harm as well as to hold registered providers and their managers to account when failures occur within services.

Requirement Notice

The CQC may issue a notice to a provider to improve their services, if they have breached a regulation, but people using the service are not at immediate risk of harm.

If your service has received one of these notices, CQC Compliance can help. We will work with you to provide the CQC with the relevant information to show how you will become compliant and the actions you are taking to do so. The benefit of using CQC Compliance means that you will ensure you are meeting all of the CQC’s requirements in the timescale they’ve given you.

How Can CQC Compliance Help?

Our team of compliance experts will carry out a full assessment of your current situation and work with you to improve your compliance. We understand that every service provider and situation is different, therefore we will ensure that we tailor a bespoke plan to your exact compliance needs.

When the CQC issues an enforcement action against a service provider, proactivity is vital in responding to the situation. Our team will provide you with a responsive service, providing clarity and support on resolving issues as efficiently as possible.

To find out more about how CQC Compliance can help you if you’ve received a CQC Enforcement Action, contact us today.

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