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Crisis Management Turnaround

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At CQC Compliance Ltd, we understand the pressures and challenges of managing a healthcare service.

In times of difficulty, we can offer the support and expertise to guide you through CQC (and local authority) action plans. With our Crisis Management Turnaround service, we will work with you to develop an effective and efficient action plan to overcome any urgent issues the CQC and/or the local authority. Our team of specialists have the expertise to ensure your service is supported and required actions are implemented to ensure compliance.

Our main priority will be to address the primary concerns of the CQC. Therefore, if your service provider has been placed in ‘special measures’ by the CQC, our objective will be to resolve this situation as soon as possible. In the long run, we aim to not only help your provider meet CQC regulations but exceed them – ensuring that you provide best practice and an outstanding service. Furthermore, we can provide training and further guidance to ensure that your service provider maintains the highest levels of compliance going forward.

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