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CQC will prioritise registrations that can help combat COVID-19 crisis

The Care Quality Commission have announced an alteration to the registration framework in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Registration requests from new and existing providers will be given priority if they can help combat COVID-19. If these prospective registrations can increase capacity in certain areas or contribute to the control and treatment of the virus, they will take precedence over other applications.

In a statement, the CQC said:

We want to support health and social care providers as they look to increase capacity as part of the ongoing effort to respond to COVID-19. All applications relating to COVID-19 will be prioritised. In urgent cases, for example to increase existing capacity, we can assess your application at the same time as you are making the changes.”

The CQC outlined which applications will be affected by this new framework, which extends to new registrations and existing providers who are looking to make changes.

These include:

  • Health care providers already registered (e.g. changes to diagnostic and screening procedures, new buildings, wards, treatment centres or beds)
  • Social care providers already registered (e.g. increasing the number of beds, new locations)
  • New health and social care applications (e.g. if they can help increase capacity or control/treat COVID-19)

All other applications that aren’t COVID-19 related will continue in the usual process.

If you are a new or existing provider that requires additional information or advice in the application process, then the Registration Support team at CQC Compliance are on-hand to guide you through.

We can speak directly with the CQC to assess whether your application falls into these new guidelines. In addition, we can offer bespoke support – whether you are applying to register as a new provider or changing your registration.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.