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CQC Registration Support – Primary and Acute Care

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CQC Compliance specialises in supporting Primary and Acute Care providers to successfully register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We’re here to take the pain out of the registration process, so you can focus on delivering high-quality services.

Registering with CQC can be a daunting and stressful experience, but it is important to get off to a good start. Our specialist team are here to support you through the myriad of forms and processes needed to help with your CQC Registration. We will also help you to prepare for that all important interview with the CQC – essential for all providers of Primary and Acute Care services.

Our registrations team are well-versed in the world of Primary and Acute Care registration, with a mixture of ex-CQC inspectors, previously registered managers, and experienced senior health and social care professionals eager to work with you and support your CQC registration right from the very beginning.

The CQC Registration process can be a daunting and stressful experience – we’re here to take the stress out of the process for you.
CQC Registration Requirements

By registering with the CQC to provide health and social care services you are committing to ensuring that all aspects of your business meet with legislative requirements and its associated regulations. This commitment can be quite daunting, whether you are a small start-up business or a large organisation and lasts whilst for the entire time you remain registered.

This is where we come in by ensuring you have the correct forms for applying, that you provide appropriate information and that you are prepared to demonstrate how you meet the necessary standards to comply with all registration requirements.

We can also help you with those all-important policies and procedures, that underpin all your systems and processes expected by CQC.

Regulated Activities

The CQC register what you do within your Primary and Acute Care service, known as a regulated activity. This means that the focus is on the quality and safety of your service being delivered wherever you provide it. Choosing the correct regulated activity will set the scene for your registration, and how the CQC will monitor and inspect your services going forward.

For Primary and Acute Care providers, it can be a complicated process, as there are many considerations associated with different health conditions to take into account, especially around meeting national best practice guidance. There are a range of health care providers that need to be registered, from independent doctors, independent clinics, dental practices to independent hospitals. It is important to be able to show how you meet with national guidance from individual assessment through to the clinical environment you work in.

How Can We Support You?
  • We will work with you to provide you with the relevant registration documents and applications, for example, a CQC counter-signed DBS and a Statement of Purpose.
  • We will support you to meet the CQC Registration requirements of either email or online submissions.
  • We will ensure that you understand the Fundamental Standards used by CQC to register, monitor and inspect services against and their associated Key Lines of Enquiry.
  • We will support you with training and coaching to help you with your registration interview.
  • Our dedicated policy team have a wealth of experience and have successfully supported providers with their policies and procedures development that underpin all your systems and processes as expected by CQC.
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We have an expert team who specialise in all areas of compliance. We want to work with you to ensure you receive a personalised service that suits your needs.

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