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CQC Consultant: what is their true value?

When caring for those who need support, there are certain standards to be met. Via CQC inspections, these standards are tested and, if providers don’t meet the standards to an acceptable degree, they need to prove they are working towards them. CQC inspectors will keep these checks pending until the standard has been raised satisfactorily. Seriously low standards can lead to business closure. So, yes, standards are a serious business. And rightly so.

How does a CQC consultant help improve standards?

A CQC consultant is an outsider who is ‘in the know’ in regards to quality care. They will come into an establishment and do what we refer to as a mock CQC visit. This CQC consultant is absolutely up to date on expected standards and will look into your methods of care, examining everything from record keeping and the control of medication to residents’ involvement in what constitutes daily life for them. While your staff should be doing these things day in and day out, it takes an outsider to see the finer details of what is, or isn’t happening, in your workplace.

A CQC Consultant can help identify both good and bad practices 

Mingling with both staff and residents, the CQC consultant will be able to identify good practices which demonstrate CQC compliance, but they will also be able to spot any shortfalls. Such a shortfall could relate to just one member of the team and a recommendation at this pre-inspection stage would allow time for the appropriate staff training. This will help to address the identified need before the real CQC inspector arrives.

That very same CQC consultant will be able to offer tips and examples of good practice that have been seen elsewhere: this may simply be a different way of doing things, or a better way to address a situation.

Contact CQC Compliance today 

Receiving a satisfying inspection result is heart warming. It means a good job is being done, so why wouldn’t you want help with making your care home CQC compliant? Contact us today for more information.