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CQC Compliance Acquired by Employment Law Specialists, Ellis Whittam

The leadership team at CQC Compliance are delighted to announce that we have been acquired by Marlowe plc to join the Ellis Whittam family.

After a successful three years in the compliance space, we’re delighted with the opportunity to join Ellis Whittam following their recent acquisition by Marlowe plc.

In the press release from Ellis Whittam, they describe the acquisition as the “strengthening of its business.”

CQC Compliance have been acquired for the value of £2.6 million, with the potential to increase to £3.5 million over the next five years.

In terms of the service delivery and day-to-day running of CQC Compliance, it remains the same but with additional support for continuing recruitment as we look to grow our teams and integrate with Ellis Whittam departments and clients.

There are significant benefits from further investment and opportunity to collaborate closely with Ellis Whittam and Marlowe plc and opportunity to service Ellis Whittam clients with CQC Compliance support and enhancing the service offering throughout the wider Marlowe group.

Ellis Whittam is Marlowe plc’s leading platform in the provision of recurring, fixed-fee HR, employment law and health & safety services and software.

For clients of CQC Compliance, Ellis Whittam can offer go-to specialist legal and HR advice, as well as health & safety services when needed.

They will also be able to offer services from other Marlowe divisions, including Fire Safety & Security and Water and Air Quality Testing.

Gavin Snell, CEO at Ellis Whittam, commented: “We’re delighted to come together with the specialist team at CQC Compliance, particularly given the ever-developing and changing landscape of the regulatory system.

“This deal adds a significant new dimension to the Ellis Whittam family of service offerings and will benefit from the capability we’ve built to serve over 35,000 UK employers across all sectors.

“Culturally, both of our organisations have a people-first mentality and this underpins the long-term relationships we build with our clients.”

Our organisation is Ellis Whittam’s and Marlowe plc’s first acquisition in the Care Quality Commission compliance space and as such, will be forming an important part of the next stage of their growth strategy.

Greg Bamber, Chief Executive at CQC Compliance, said: “We are delighted to have joined the Ellis Whittam family and are already seeing the additional benefits for clients and staff alike.

“We’re a young business and as a board of directors we passionately believe that joining the Ellis Whittam family, and going on the journey with Marlowe, will allow us to accelerate the market leading service we deliver to our clients.

“As the first to emulate Ellis Whittam’s fixed-fee model of professional support in health and social care compliance, our team is excited to build a plan for the coming years that draws on the Group’s depth of expertise and resource.”

Ellis Whittam’s parent company, Marlowe plc, is “the UK leader in business-critical services and software which assure safety and regulatory compliance, whilst managing risk for businesses across the country.”

Marlowe plc was formed to create a sustainable shareholder value through the development and acquisition of businesses which provide regulated safety and compliance services.

They have built a group of businesses comprising of HR and employment law compliance, compliance software, eLearning, health & safety, occupational health, water & hygiene, and fire safety.

The acquisition of CQC Compliance is intended to add a new capability to Marlowe’s Governance, Risk and Compliance division.

In turn, this will broaden the offering of regulated compliance services into the care market.